Both of these tweets show how much cyber bullying is taking place.  Cyber Bullying should not be taking place at all let alone this much.  Students need to use their digital responsibilities and solve their problems other ways then through cyber bullying!

The first step in making sure that students use their digital responsibilities is by teaching them. It is the teachers responsibility to teach them what they are and are not able to do with technology.  Grade 6-8 are great starting points because this is the age when technology becomes used more on a daily basis.

PLN 4 part 1

This tweet is important for educators because if teachers are not held accountable for digital policies how are they going to expect their students to follow the policies.  The main problem is many people are not even educated on all the policies of digital citizenship and that needs to change.

If students are getting bullied or they do not feel safe because of their online activities, students need to know who they can turn too. They do not know who would and could help them.  Cyberbullying happens a lot, but it is not stopped because children do know who to turn to so we need to take responsiblity as teachers and teach them who they can turn too

Online we need to be careful where we put personal information. There are people out there who are not following digital citizenship and are using fake identities to steal information from you.  Teachers need to educate children not only on the policies put how once things enter the internet anyone can access them so to be careful.

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What it means to be a citizen of the digital age?

As citizens of the 21st century, we are all available to more technology than ever before.  This technology is very useful in schools, jobs, and mostly every aspect of our lives.  As technology grows, we citizens need to take on the responsiblitiies that are given to us with the use of technology.  I do not believe schools are doing a good enough job with teaching all the responsibilities to the children with technology.  For example, I did not know until a few days ago that when using motion media that it can only be a three  minute clip, one can only use 30 seconds of music, no more than five pictures by the same artist, and only 1000 words from a text, and I am a college student.  Things such as this should have been learned in middle school.  Children need to be more informed about this to become a digital citizen. There are nine key elements of being a digital citizen.  These include digital etiquette, digital communication, digital literacy, digital access, digital commerce, digital health and wellness, digital security, and digital rights and responsiblities.

The video below talks about are digital responsibilities.



This video talks about how the world is made up of different minds.  Not everyone has to use verbal language to be smart and understand what is going on.  For example, animals are very smart creatures, but they do not need the same communication tools as humans to have successful lives.  We need all these different minds to work together to create a perfect world and to build on things we have already created.  The problem is not all children believe that being different can be a good thing. We need teachers, mentors, and parents to shed light on their children to show them that they can and will be successful.  There is a place for everyone to use their mind to the fullest, but we just have to find it.  This is one of the reasons that I want to become a Special Education teacher.  I want to show that everyone can learn and has the possibility of success. I want to impact the lives of children forever so that they can go forward with their lives and teach others that everyone can learn and prosper.

A lot of people are becoming more familiar with the different learning styles of today. Some examples of different learning styles can be found on  This website shows that even though these are all different way people still learn and become successful.  One way of learning might not be easy for me to learn with, but for my sister it might. It all depends on the person.




Digital Media in the classroom

Digital media has become an increasingly popular topic for educators as a way to generate their students creativity and thinking in the classroom.  The world is rapidly changing and media is becoming a bigger and bigger hit in the classrooms.   There is such a variety of media out there for the teachers to build on their lessons to make it more interesting.  The teachers who are not using media need to stop fearing the technology because if we teach children as we did before we are holding them back from great success in the future.  The classroom would be nothing if we did not have Internet, chat session, projectors, etc. We also have to be careful and know that it is not always needed in the classroom. Sometimes it is not the best tool to use, but sometimes it is the best tool.   This is when a teacher needs to know when and how to use the technology right.

Media is not trying to replace the teachers, but make the teachers styles new and exciting.  One great way I believed that the video implemented fun, learning and media is through the scavenger hunt.  Middle school children were running around in groups looking for the things that matched the description sent to their cell phones.  Once the students found the item, they would take a picture of it and send it to the teacher to make sure they got the right thing.  Digital media gives children the inspiration to go forth with a specific task they like to do.  It is learning the skills to remaking the content and becoming the creator and producer.

This video is an example of a school that incorporates technology into the classroom.  The students also have the option of staying after school to work on digital media production, digital audio production, game design, and, graphic design.   Students enjoy and are willing to stay after school to work with the technology.  If children are willing to stay longer then the school day that is a great accomplishment because I even remember as a kid looking at the clock and counting down the minutes until I would be let out for the day. I think this is some great progress that teachers and classrooms are making to keep the children active and intrigued.

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How do you make a teacher great?


In the video above it talks about a major question.  How do you make a teacher great?  Bill gates answers that we cannot make a teacher great. Lately, education is not balanced and equal for all students.  In a low-income family, it is a higher chance of going to jail than finishing college. In some schools we have what is called top teachers and bottom teachers.  If we had all top teachers we could be better than all other countries in as little as four years for education.  The question I have is why can’t all of our teachers be top teachers or most of them at least?  One school that is doing it right is KIPP (charter schools).  In this school, the teachers have the poorest kids around are help them go to a four-year college.  The teachers say that their main focus is keeping the children engaged and involved.

In this video, there are a few tips that I can take away in becoming a better teacher.  First, I am going to give every student the equal opportunity at learning and receiving a great education.  This is a main problem because some children are not given equal education because of income, ethnicity, religion, etc.  Secondly, every child should be engaged in the classroom. One way to do this is incorporating their favorite social media sites into the lesson of the day. For example, the teacher can use twitter to get instant feedback on how the students feel about the topic that is going on.  That is just one of the ways that twitter can be used. On, this shows a teacher 60 ways right off the back on how to use twitter in a classroom. Using different forms of technology can help the students become more actively involved in the work. Not only will technology be a great part of getting students to engage in the school work, but also technology is a major tool in school and work nowadays.