PLN Activity 8

Online Classes

As we move forward with technology, more classes are being taught online. This blog post called “The Evolution of Online Classes” talks about how their English department is moving towards a team taught online course set-up.  The program is trying to move towards a Multimodal approach which incorporates other forms of media such as images, audio, video, links, and other digital objects.  The writer of this blog talks about after her first day of teaching this type of new class.  She felt overwhelmed and felt it did not lead to enough interaction with those that actually understand the importance concepts being presented.  Although she felt like this more and more classes are still being given the option of taking it online. This is crazy to think about what is going to happen in the future.  The video below shows some expectations of education expanding through online classes.


I feel like some classes can be taught online like gen eds or easy classes for college students, but online classes I do not think should be the prime way to receive and education.  Technology is a great way to expand on education, but it is not a reliable source.  Not everyone has an internet connection all the time, and it is expensive to have  nice computer to run all the different programs.  Like we experienced in trying online teaching today in class, many students were getting kicked of the site, and when we all tried to use video, the program got super slow.  I think for me teaching online would be very difficult because I do not know if I can trust that my students are actively paying attention and doing the appropriate work. Also, like the blog said I think it is difficult for a student who is struggling to interact with others and bounce ideas of one another while participating.

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