PLN Activity 7

The link provided above is a blog about teaching and technology to go along with what we have been learning in our classroom. This blog talks about how technology cannot only open the doors for students, but teachers as well. For teachers who have a higher knowledge of technology in a classroom, it is shown that they receive promotions more and get an increase in their income as well. Not only are those good incentives to want to learn and use more technology, but also it is exciting for the teacher to be more creative and also get excited about a lesson. If a teacher is teaching the same thing over and over without technology it could be so repetitive and boring, but technology is always changing and new advances can make a lesson interesting. Technology helps students remember more, understand it easier, help them apply the information learned, analyze, evaluate, and create new projects based of the information given by a teacher. Skype is now even a big thing teachers use to create a fun filled class. Next week, even in our class we are going to try an online communications class. This gives students the opportunity that cannot physically come to class maybe because of a disability to participate or students from all over the world can take the same class through this online program.

Technology needs to be used more in the classrooms because it not only helps the students, but the teachers as well. Teachers need to be encouraged to use technology because many still do not want to use it. Some teachers either doubt that technology works or they do not use it because they are not skilled in it. This link, , can give teachers some incentives and tips for using technology in the classroom. Hopefully soon more and more teachers will be using it in the classroom.

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