PLN 6 part 3

I think this tweet is very important because there are many apps out there that children do not know about.  There are many different Educational Apps out there that children should know about.  It is the teachers responsibility to fill them in on a few to get the children started.  It can help them in the future when applying for jobs.

Children need to stand up against cyberbullying! It is a real problem and the more children that are aware of it the better it will be.  It is good that it is being addressed in seventeen magazine because it will reach out to the younger crowd.

Teachers need new technology to keep the children interested in the school work.  Storytelling in a class keeps children entertained and helps build their vocabulary.  Different styles of storytelling will help even more.  This is a great tweet to send out to help teachers learn about the different tools out there.  It is always good for a teacher to learn a new technique.

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