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PLN 6 Part 4

Technology Helping Teaching

The “Updated Classroom – Developing Student Writing skills with Tablet and Smartphone Apps” by Jessica Carol is a great blog that talks about the use of technology in a classroom.  It talks about how many teachers are looking at different ways to use cell phones in the class. Before cell phones were frowned upon, but with all the apps that can be used to help students teachers are taking full advantage of it.  Teachers are not being taken over by technology, but there techniques are being improved.  A major aspect in children’s lives is learning how to write.  Writing is an essential tool that every child needs to know how to do well.  Although learning how to write can get a little boring or monotonous, adding technology can be an easy way to liven it up. The article states two other reasons why apps can be great tools for children. It says because it is an independent/autonomous approach on the part of the student and it can often be accessed anywhere at any time.  Some of the apps that should be downloaded are dictionary/thesaurus apps, note taking apps, brainstorming an outlining apps, developing writing skills apps, and file and storage apps.  These are basic apps the students should start with, but a teacher can engage the students by finding their own apps and introducing them to the class.  

I think this article is great because teachers should use cell phones to teach to the best of their ability. Students always want to be on their cell phones texting or playing games anyways so if teachers show educational ways to use them, then they can be learning at the same time. Not only in the classroom, but if teachers have students download apps to their phone, then they can access them at any point. Children today always have their phone on them and having apps like this children could play with the apps more often when they are bored, watching tv, or on the bus.  The video below shows how children like using their cell phones in class and how more and more people are starting to like the idea of using cell phones.  The people believe that it will motivate the children and I completely agree.  Also, I think it would be a good idea for students to have specific rules with the cell phone.  For example a student should have their cell phones on their desks at all times.  When the cell phones are going to be used, the students then can use them at the same time, but when not in use a teacher can see if the student is texting or using it inappropriately during class.  With the use of some rules and guidelines when to use the phone, I believe and so do others that cell phones and apps can be a great way to engage the students in the classroom.


PLN 6 part 3

I think this tweet is very important because there are many apps out there that children do not know about.  There are many different Educational Apps out there that children should know about.  It is the teachers responsibility to fill them in on a few to get the children started.  It can help them in the future when applying for jobs.

Children need to stand up against cyberbullying! It is a real problem and the more children that are aware of it the better it will be.  It is good that it is being addressed in seventeen magazine because it will reach out to the younger crowd.

Teachers need new technology to keep the children interested in the school work.  Storytelling in a class keeps children entertained and helps build their vocabulary.  Different styles of storytelling will help even more.  This is a great tweet to send out to help teachers learn about the different tools out there.  It is always good for a teacher to learn a new technique.


My personal passsion is my family because I do not know where I would be without them.  They are always there for me and have taught me many values in life.  I made a presentation on my family to truly express how I feel and to get to show some pictures of us! If you click on the link family below, you will be able to access the video.