PLN 4 part 2

What it means to be a citizen of the digital age?

As citizens of the 21st century, we are all available to more technology than ever before.  This technology is very useful in schools, jobs, and mostly every aspect of our lives.  As technology grows, we citizens need to take on the responsiblitiies that are given to us with the use of technology.  I do not believe schools are doing a good enough job with teaching all the responsibilities to the children with technology.  For example, I did not know until a few days ago that when using motion media that it can only be a three  minute clip, one can only use 30 seconds of music, no more than five pictures by the same artist, and only 1000 words from a text, and I am a college student.  Things such as this should have been learned in middle school.  Children need to be more informed about this to become a digital citizen. There are nine key elements of being a digital citizen.  These include digital etiquette, digital communication, digital literacy, digital access, digital commerce, digital health and wellness, digital security, and digital rights and responsiblities.

The video below talks about are digital responsibilities.


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