PLN 4 part 1

This tweet is important for educators because if teachers are not held accountable for digital policies how are they going to expect their students to follow the policies.  The main problem is many people are not even educated on all the policies of digital citizenship and that needs to change.

If students are getting bullied or they do not feel safe because of their online activities, students need to know who they can turn too. They do not know who would and could help them.  Cyberbullying happens a lot, but it is not stopped because children do know who to turn to so we need to take responsiblity as teachers and teach them who they can turn too

Online we need to be careful where we put personal information. There are people out there who are not following digital citizenship and are using fake identities to steal information from you.  Teachers need to educate children not only on the policies put how once things enter the internet anyone can access them so to be careful.


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