This video talks about how the world is made up of different minds.  Not everyone has to use verbal language to be smart and understand what is going on.  For example, animals are very smart creatures, but they do not need the same communication tools as humans to have successful lives.  We need all these different minds to work together to create a perfect world and to build on things we have already created.  The problem is not all children believe that being different can be a good thing. We need teachers, mentors, and parents to shed light on their children to show them that they can and will be successful.  There is a place for everyone to use their mind to the fullest, but we just have to find it.  This is one of the reasons that I want to become a Special Education teacher.  I want to show that everyone can learn and has the possibility of success. I want to impact the lives of children forever so that they can go forward with their lives and teach others that everyone can learn and prosper.

A lot of people are becoming more familiar with the different learning styles of today. Some examples of different learning styles can be found on  This website shows that even though these are all different way people still learn and become successful.  One way of learning might not be easy for me to learn with, but for my sister it might. It all depends on the person.




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