Digital Media in the classroom

Digital media has become an increasingly popular topic for educators as a way to generate their students creativity and thinking in the classroom.  The world is rapidly changing and media is becoming a bigger and bigger hit in the classrooms.   There is such a variety of media out there for the teachers to build on their lessons to make it more interesting.  The teachers who are not using media need to stop fearing the technology because if we teach children as we did before we are holding them back from great success in the future.  The classroom would be nothing if we did not have Internet, chat session, projectors, etc. We also have to be careful and know that it is not always needed in the classroom. Sometimes it is not the best tool to use, but sometimes it is the best tool.   This is when a teacher needs to know when and how to use the technology right.

Media is not trying to replace the teachers, but make the teachers styles new and exciting.  One great way I believed that the video implemented fun, learning and media is through the scavenger hunt.  Middle school children were running around in groups looking for the things that matched the description sent to their cell phones.  Once the students found the item, they would take a picture of it and send it to the teacher to make sure they got the right thing.  Digital media gives children the inspiration to go forth with a specific task they like to do.  It is learning the skills to remaking the content and becoming the creator and producer.

This video is an example of a school that incorporates technology into the classroom.  The students also have the option of staying after school to work on digital media production, digital audio production, game design, and, graphic design.   Students enjoy and are willing to stay after school to work with the technology.  If children are willing to stay longer then the school day that is a great accomplishment because I even remember as a kid looking at the clock and counting down the minutes until I would be let out for the day. I think this is some great progress that teachers and classrooms are making to keep the children active and intrigued.


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