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How do you make a teacher great?


In the video above it talks about a major question.  How do you make a teacher great?  Bill gates answers that we cannot make a teacher great. Lately, education is not balanced and equal for all students.  In a low-income family, it is a higher chance of going to jail than finishing college. In some schools we have what is called top teachers and bottom teachers.  If we had all top teachers we could be better than all other countries in as little as four years for education.  The question I have is why can’t all of our teachers be top teachers or most of them at least?  One school that is doing it right is KIPP (charter schools).  In this school, the teachers have the poorest kids around are help them go to a four-year college.  The teachers say that their main focus is keeping the children engaged and involved.

In this video, there are a few tips that I can take away in becoming a better teacher.  First, I am going to give every student the equal opportunity at learning and receiving a great education.  This is a main problem because some children are not given equal education because of income, ethnicity, religion, etc.  Secondly, every child should be engaged in the classroom. One way to do this is incorporating their favorite social media sites into the lesson of the day. For example, the teacher can use twitter to get instant feedback on how the students feel about the topic that is going on.  That is just one of the ways that twitter can be used. On, this shows a teacher 60 ways right off the back on how to use twitter in a classroom. Using different forms of technology can help the students become more actively involved in the work. Not only will technology be a great part of getting students to engage in the school work, but also technology is a major tool in school and work nowadays.


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